Studies & Activities

We offer a great lineup of activities that meet throughout the week. We offer several classes for adults that are aimed to help us develop as Jesus followers in our intellect (head), our passions (heart) and our actions (hands).

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Midweek at First

Midweek at First Classes

Winter/Spring 2024 (1/10 – 5/01; Classes will not meet on 3/20)
We’re offering several discussion-oriented studies designed to help you grow as a Jesus-follower into a difference-maker for a world of people far from God. All studies listed below, as well as programming for children, preschool, and students, begin at 6:00 pm.

Midweek at First:

The Book of Revelation (2/21 – 5/01)
Led by: Deron Spoo (Room 405 Children’s Building)

For most people the final book of the Bible is both disorienting and disturbing. We have trouble making sense of all the sights and sounds presented in the book, and what we do understand is unsettling. But does Revelation have to be scary? Can we read it was it was originally intended, as an encouragement to hold to our faith and to fix our eyes on Jesus? Let's find out.


Evangelism 101 (2/21 – 3/13) 
Led by: Dave McPherson (Room 404 Children’s Building)

Help! I know I’m supposed to share the gospel with others, but I’m not sure I know how to do it or do it effectively. What if I say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing? Through this four-week class, we will de-mystify sharing the gospel and give you practical tools to introduce others to know and experience the hope you’ve come to experience through Christ. 


Practicing the Presence of God: Growing in Spiritual Disciplines (3/27 – 5/01)
Led by: Dave McPherson (Room 404 Children’s Building)

What are tangible ways to grow in my faith? Through this six-week class, we will explore ways to grow in several spiritual disciplines as we learn how to encounter and experience God’s presence. We will explore technical and practical aspects of several spiritual disciplines. 


Women’s Bible Study: Malachi (2/21 – 5/01)
Led by: Pam Temple (Room 408 Children’s Building)

Join us for an in-depth Bible study on Malachi. This Old Testament book is an intriguing study because it’s the last word from God for 400 years. The words written throughout these pages are still very applicable today. As you go through this study, you will be given specific tools to help you understand the scriptures and how to apply them in your walk with the Lord. 




Men’s Bible Study: James (2/21 – 5/01)
Led by: Ron Campbell (Large Conference Room, 4th Floor Children’s Building)

How can we as men practically live out the challenges of scripture? Through our study this semester, we’ll explore the book of James. It offers practical advice and challenging teachings on wealth, prayer, healing, and the relationship between faith and works. Join us as we explore how we can better live out our faith.  

Griefshare (2/14 – 5/01)
Led by: Marissa Carter (Room 403 Children’s Building)

When grieving the death of a loved one, it’s hard to find people who understand the deep hurt you feel. GriefShare is a weekly gathering where those living with loss help each other through the challenges of their new normal. A new 13-week cycle of GriefShare will begin Wednesday, February 14, from 6 pm to 8pm. Each week our GriefShare group will watch a video featuring expert practical guidance and participate in group discussion. Sharing is encouraged, but not required. Participants can join at any time. Each evening is self-contained and beneficial. GriefShare alumni are welcome to join us again. Workbooks are $15. Please register at or on the church app. For more information on what to expect at GriefShare, visit

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