Groups at First

Adult 5

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- conference center room 405, Children's Building
Community is a sweet necessity to our growing group! We cultivate love through intentional fellowships, active ministry involvement, and outstanding Bible study, implementing multiple learning styles. All are welcome to join and experience our growing community.


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- Tulsa room, North Building ground level
Our desire is to grow in fellowship through fostering loving and caring relationships in a large-group setting. We are a group of adults, ages 70+, centered on the love of Christ.

Bible Connections

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- room 310, North Building
How does the Bible connect to our lives? We meet together to explore the Bible, looking for ways to practically live it out and to build community. We want to connect the Bible to our lives as individuals, as couples, and as a community group. Open to married couples in late 30s through early 50s.

Chain Breakers

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- room 448, North Building
Have any hurts, addictions or hang ups? We do too, and know that we can find freedom through Christ. As a group, we exist to challenge each other to grow and break the chains of addictions and/or compulsions through the power of the cross. We follow a biblically infused twelve-step process in an intentionally non-judgmental environment.  

Community Group for Introverts

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- room 303, North Building
Are you an introvert by nature? If so, this is the group for you! As this new group forms, we will study scripture together and take a few moments for prayer requests. Grab a cup of coffee and join us for a time of bible study, unforced conversation and community.

Empty Nesters

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- conference center room 408, Children's Building
As new or experienced “empty nesters”, we seek to explore the Bible, learn from common and varied experiences and encourage one another while maturing in our faith. Join us as we continue this adventure of following and trusting Jesus! Open to couples and singles who are currently or soon to be empty nesters.

Empty Nesters/Life Amplified

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- room 319, North Building
This group is made up of couples and singles entering a new phase in life as nearly or newly empty nesters (with a mattering of gray-haired wisdom).  As maturing followers of Jesus, we are committed to community and doing it right with focus on studying scripture, taking care of each other, and serving others. 


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- room 108, Detroit Tower
Actions can speak louder than words. As a group, we focus on ministry gleaned from Scriptural teaching and how we can apply the teachings in our lives. We are a caring fellowship of adults with the median age of 80.

Faith Builders

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- conference center room 404, Children's Building
We believe in intentional fellowship that develops caring, prayerful relationships centered on growing in Christ-likeness with one another. We dive into God’s Word weekly through discussion. Open to adults in their 50s and 60s.

Faith Walkers

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- room 305, North Building
It’s time we put our faith to action! Our focus is to grow in discipleship together as a diverse multigenerational group of single and married adults. We are passionate about learning what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus through prayer, studying His Word, sharing life with one another and supporting ministries. Open to single and married individuals 40s to 60s.

Family Discipleship

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- room 329, North Building
We are married adults in our 30’s, with and without kids, who meet regularly to encourage each other as we strengthen marriages and build our families on a strong biblical foundation and make life-long friends. Each week, we look for ways to practically apply scripture to our marriages and families while living life together in Godly community.

Families in Faith

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- room 334, Children's Building
As families, we desire to experience life transformation from God’s Word. Join us as we grow in faith together, encouraging each other through our community group and reaching out through evangelism, serving the homeless and supporting mission opportunities. We are both married and singles in our 30s and 40s.


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- room 304, North Building
Generations is a multi-cultural group of happy and friendly believers who do not require anything of themselves except to share the love of God, love of family, and hope for the future, and to enjoy each other’s company as they learn about and discuss the Bible in a comfortable environment.


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- room 102, Detroit Tower
A community group of primarily single adults who enjoy participating in a discussion-style Bible study facilitated by one of our teachers. We come from diverse life experiences and appreciate hearing others’ perspectives. We are a social group with monthly dinners and various other get-togethers. All are welcome in our community!

Kingdom Living

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- room 443, North Building
Through living life together and diving deeply into the Bible, we are learning how to be better citizens in the Kingdom of God. It is important for us to grow in fellowship with one another and give back to the world around us. Group of 40+-year-olds from all walks of life.

Life in Progress

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- room 110, Detroit Tower
From families with children in diapers to children in college, we are made of families with a desire to grow in community toward Christ. Each week we study the Scriptures to learn more about God and ourselves while building lifelong friendships. Open to married couples 30s to 50s.

Life Matters

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- room 410, North Building
Life may be full, but it doesn’t have to be walked through alone! As a group, we are passionate about studying the Bible, exploring ways to practically apply it to our lives at home, work, and in our families. We are intentionally multi-generational, so all ages are welcome. 

Men's Bible Study (Homeless Ministry Lunch)

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- fellowship hall / Thursdays 11:45 am-12:30 pm
It turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch! Join us for free lunch and a great conversational style verse-by-verse Bible study designed as an outreach group for men who need help, hope and healing. Open to men of all ages each Thursday.

Men's Breakfast Bible Study

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- Panera at  108th & Memorial / Thursdays at 7:00 am
What is God’s plan for you to lead yourself and lead others? Join us for an in-depth study as we explore the scripture to learn how we can grow as men and leaders who lead ourselves and everyone around us to walk with Christ. (Breakfast is on your own if you wish to buy.)

Men's Downtown Bible Study

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- Conference Center Conference Room, Children's Building / Wednesdays at 12 pm
God designs us as men to lead well, but what does that look like? How can we grow into the men God has called us to be? Join us for lunch as we explore how the Bible guides and challenges us to grow as men. We meet every Wednesday at Noon at the downtown church campus.

Nearly/Newly Married

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- room 428, North Building
Are you newly married, been married for a few years, or almost married and want to grow as a couple? Join us for an adventure as we learn how to do life together while building a strong foundation in our walk with God. We’ll explore the Bible and some Bible based resources to help us grow as couples.  


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- room 230, North Building
Oikos Community is a group of diverse thinkers and learners, varying ages and marital status. Both women and men facilitate discussion that gives us opportunities to learn from one another, think deeply about our faith, and wrestle with hard questions. We are passionate about finding ways to participate in loving the world through serving, giving, and walking in the footsteps of Jesus. We extend an extravagant welcome to all who yearn to discover their place and their purpose in God’s world.  


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- room 111, Detroit Tower
Life is full when you start having children. It grows to a new level of intensity when those children start attending elementary school and get involved. It should never be walked alone, though. We intentionally look for ways to practically live out the Bible and walk in community as we experience the joys and challenges of growing families. Open to married couples late 20s to mid 40s.


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- room 415, North Building
We’re a small of couples and singles, of all ages, striving to make a big difference. When you visit us, you can expect to find people who want to get to know you and build relationships with you. Each week, we explore a passage form the Bible, looking for both theological importance and practical application.

Sand Springs Home Group

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This group is composed of singles and couples from 18 – 40ish years old who live in the Sand Springs area. We will meet at 7pm on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month to study a variety of Bible-related topics and to fellowship with each other. Childcare is not provided.

Sunday Lunch Group

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Doing life together. Because life is hard enough alone, we want to band together through life’s challenges. Join us on Sundays after church as we meet to discuss themes raised from sermons, encourage each other and intentionally invest in each others lives. Our group is open to anyone, single or married of any age. We meet over lunch in various restaurants around Tulsa.


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- room 313, North Building
We have a thirst for Biblical knowledge and a desire to seek a deeper understanding of the Word of God. We build community by supporting and ministering to each other through life while applying what God is teaching us. Multigenerational group


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- conference center room 403, Children's Building
As missions minded people with diverse backgrounds, we have a desire for in-depth Bible study. We are prayer warriors and believe in becoming involved. All ages from all backgrounds and any walks of life are encouraged to join.

S.I.G.N. (Deaf, Blind and Hearing)

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- room 113, Detroit Tower
We are a caring group of all ages of Deaf, Blind and others who enjoy good Bible teaching and fellowship. Our studies are taught in sign language and voice interpreted.

Suburban Life

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- room 114, Detroit Tower
We are adults in our 30s to 40s married, with and without kids, focused on loving God, each other and our community. Our primary purpose is growing in the Word in regards to our marriages and families. Join us as we learn about what it means to live a life pointed toward God!

The Message

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- Cincinnati Room
As a community group, our goal is to apply the message from weekend gatherings to our daily lives through interactive teaching and discussion. Our group is intentionally multi-generational with younger married couples, individuals nearing retirement, and lots of stages in between. We want to help each other grow in our faith and apply the message to our daily lives.

The Verge

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- room 327, North Building
The Verge is a community group designed for young adults-students, graduates, professionals, single, married. We are building a community that studies God's word, serves, and gathers regularly for fellowship.

The X-Factor

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- room 307, North Building
We have a passion for Gospel-centered community, prayer, care, accountability, story sharing and studying God’s Word to learn how we can connect with Christ in today’s culture. We are single and married adults in our 30s and 40s.


Urban Life

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room 439, North Building
We are couples and young families passionate about walking with each other through the joys and challenges of this season in life, whether starting new marriages or enjoying a growing family. Each week, we explore the Bible to gain a better understanding of God’s desires for our lives and relationships with our families, neighbors and co-workers. Group for married couples late 20s through early 40s.

Women of Faith

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- room 109, Detroit Tower
We seek to grow in our walk with Christ through discussion-led Bible study, as well as caring for, praying for, and ministering to each other. We are women of all ages, single, married, divorced, or widowed that have a passion for growing with one another in fellowship.

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